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Colton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 --, a domain name catering to $2 Billion stock photo industry, is available for sale on The name falls in the premium category and is exact match of one of the most targeted keywords ever sold at auction on Flippa. Insiders confirm that the singular of the keyword - stockphoto is being searched for around 823,000 times every month while the figure for the plural of the word - stockphotos - is being searched 1,000,000 times a month averaging a staggering 370,000,000 times annually. This highly sought after domain name is likely to attract some of the most established stock photo companies, investors as well as web developers among others.

When contacted, Marc Smith, a professional web developed based in New Jersey said, “I could have bought an investment property however, this is an easy way to invest in an asset which generates income and has the potential for capital growth.” He further added, “Stockphotos is amon the most sought after domain name and will reap in the rewards in future. The huge number of monthly global searches is proof of the same.”

The stock photo industry offers fresh, exclusive and licensed pictures for both 'offline' and 'online' developers since all businesses require exclusive photographs. According to a recent report, the alexa rating of is 1.4M globally and 188K in the United States. The domain name is premium and branded and some of the important facts about this name include Big Payout with High CPC Keywords of $9 - $10 per click. Sources also revealed that a similar domain name – was sold in December 2012 for $250,000.

The buyer of the domain will receive free web hosting for three months as well as free domain push to The domain name has been presented by 'That Website Guy', a renowned name when it comes to offering best websites and domain names. The domain name has attracted a number of SEO experts and business people in photo industry who are looking for best domain name.

According to, "A domain name is an asset just like a stack of cash, a piece of gold, or a CDO is."

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