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IT in the Agricultural Value Chain Is Released by Maria Johnsen


Trondheim, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- IT in The Agricultural Value Chain has been released by Maria Johnsen the author of multilingual digital marketing. She has written twelve fiction and nonfiction books.

During the last decade, the use of fragmented IT systems and support for agricultural purposes in Norway has increased dramatically. However, very little analytical and empirical research has been carried out to determine current situation of IT in animal and plant production. The aim of this book was therefore to investigate the effectiveness and functionality of using IT in agricultural value chain. For this reason the author conducted qualitative research study, which was contained the depth interviews and questionnaires in order to map certain actors processes and tasks and their degree of IT utilization. The modeling languages were used to present the IT support in the processes and tasks at the farm and certain companies in the value chain.

Results of the assessment showed significant differences between using IT tools in animal and plant production. Presenting the statistics gave a better understanding about the correlation between the treatments. There were several observations were made within this research.

The various complicated systems appear to be confusing for some farmers. This suggests that the effective utilization of IT support may increase flow of information and knowledge among farmers if they are implemented and tested efficiently with better functionality. The author proposed several new mechanisms in certain systems that farmers apply mostly in order to spare their time, add more value to the value chain and users satisfaction. She also suggested a solution which may be employed in a pilot project for the process improvement purposes. A non-complex system may give the users a better usability and satisfaction in the agricultural sector.

This book is available online ( Google Play and Google Books) and in print.

About Maria Johnsen
Maria Johnsen has a Master of Science degree in Human, Computer Interaction/Computer Sciences from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her professional background and education is diverse and includes skills in areas such as multilingual digital marketing and content writing, software design and development. In addition, she possesses the experience and education in the management of complex Information Systems. Also, she is fully fluent in seven human languages and possess experience in language instruction, tutoring, and translation. She released IT in agricultural value chain. And she has developed a unique teaching method for fast learning. This method is applied in China and Norway. Maria writes fiction and nonfiction books in her spare time.


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