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It Is What It Is: New Book by Jennifer Maddox Speaks the Truth About Life, Challenge and Triumph

Heading into territory most authors avoid, Jennifer Maddox’s latest novel tells the hard truths of one man’s life, with his eventual acceptance that ‘it is what it is’.


Garden City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- In the world of literature, many authors strive to find the answers and remedies to a myriad of problems. However, plucking the truth out of real life and crafting it into compelling fiction, the latest novel by Jennifer Maddox proves that, all too often, life’s realities just happen.

Official synopsis:

Jemel Armstrong, an ambitious, curious, but eager Black man introduces you to his world of darkness. His father abandoned him and his mother: leading his mother to marry crack. Even through the neglect of his parents Jemel thrived to survive. He matures he begins to learn that life has a way of detouring from a narrow path. One can put forth a good effort to make everything go as planned, but things will be redirected by forces out of one's control.

After being distracted by women and trying to justify situations and circumstances, Jemel eventually accepts that sometimes "It Is What It Is" and it as simple as that.

As the author explains, her book brings the facts of life to light.

“This story is so important because it speaks so much truth,” says Maddox, who shares her character’s background of a sprawling urban city upbringing.

She continues, “Although the story is fiction, it feels rather familiar. The audience has the opportunity to take the journey with Jemel as he finds his way through life. Readers can expect to feel multiple emotions as they become a part of the story.”

Critics are praising Maddox for her ability to soar to facets of literature that many writers avoid.
“Writers are always trying to solve problems and develop happy endings. However, life isn’t like that. Accepting the realities and getting on with things is often the best route to happiness. In my writing, I am not afraid to let the facts get in the way of the story,” she adds.

With the book’s rave reviews and growing popularity, the literary works of Maddox are poised to find their place in fiction history.

In the meantime, It Is What It Is, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Store and other book retailers.

CreateSpace direct purchase link: https://www.createspace.com/3937172

The author’s progress can also be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JbabyProductions

About the Author: Jennifer Maddox
Jennifer Maddox has been writing fiction stories ever since she can remember. She enjoys writing novels that invite her audience to join in through the journey. As a veteran and public servant, Jennifer prides herself in helping others and making a difference.