It Makes Sense to Contact Your Mohel Before Birth


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Many families choose to contact a mohel long before their son is born to make sure they’re completely familiar with the customs and traditions involved in circumcision as it relates to the Jewish faith.

An experienced mohel can complete the procedure in line with the teachings of the faith and with as little pain as possible. Circumcisions performed in hospitals take 10 to 30 minutes while those performed by mohels are often complete in 10 to 30 seconds.

A complete Bris ceremony includes both the circumcision and the naming, and not all communities perform the ceremony in exactly the same way. In most cases, the family and friends are honored with being allowed to hold the baby during specific parts of the bris. Your rabbi or the mohel can explain the importance of these honors to you.

As the event begins, the godparents bring the baby into the room. Two chairs are prepared. One is for the Sandek — the person who hold the baby during the circumcision. The second is for the spirit of Elijah, which is believed to come to all circumcisions. The baby is actually placed on this chair briefly while a prayer is recited that calls on this spirit to stand over him.

When performed correctly by a New York mohel that your family has come to trust, the brit itself is quick and easy. A blessing is said over a cup of wine, and the baby is then named.

At the end of the event, refreshments or a meal are served to commemorate the occasion. This process is considered by most to be humane, sensible and a cause for celebration. New York circumcisions performed in hospitals or by doctor mohels can take longer and raise additional questions about the need for anesthetics. But with the right mohel who has experience, there’s nothing to worry about.

Ease your worries even further by contacting Rabbi Nechemia Markovits at (347) 600-8800 or before birth to have all your questions answered.

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Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B Certified Mohel is a fifth generation Mohel, practicing Jewish bris - circumsicions in NY, NJ, PA, CT, and beyond

New York Mohel Rabbi Markovits has been performing Bris Milah (Brit Milah) Ritual Circumcisions for both infants and adults for over 28 years. Practiced in the United States and abroad, for Jews (and non-Jews) of all affiliations and backgrounds (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc...).

Rabbi Markovits is a Highly Professional Expert Mohel, Certified by The Medical Board of the Initiation Society and Beth Din of London, and ordained by Chief Rabbi of England, Lord Immanuel Jacobowitz.

As a Mohel for over 28 years, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits is in contact with people of many different backgrounds and affiliations. He learned over time that although there is a great devotion to the mitzvah of Bris Milah there is still a considerable lack of knowledge regarding the customs and laws surrounding its fulfillment.