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It Really Happens, My Gift: Compelling New Book Shares One Family's Quirky Yet Starkly-Real Paranormal Encounters

Just like other members of her family, Carol Podolski shares a gift that many simply can’t comprehend. Giving rise to a lifetime of quirky, entertaining and sometimes shocking paranormal events, Podolski’s journey through life is a story worth sharing. In her latest book, Podolski gives readers a deeply-personal glimpse into her life and the stories she has to tell.


East Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Many people are born with a unique talent, proficiency or skill. However, New Jersey’s Carol Podolski and her family share a special gift that is rarely encountered in humans. In her gripping and powerful new book, Podolski shares the quirky and sometimes unbelievable experiences this gift has afforded.

‘It Really Happens, My Gift’ shares some of the most memorable moments in Podolski’s life, as she exercises her inherited ability to both see and interact with Spirits.

Back-Cover Synopsis:

Maybe you felt or sensed another Presence but don’t realize it. Have you ever thought you got a whiff of a perfume in the air when no one was around or felt as though someone has touched you when no one was in the vicinity?

Those are just a couple of indicators that you might have a “Gift” like me and like many of my family members. The major difference is we do realize it and have embraced our abilities. Took me some time to reach the point where I now appreciate them. Believe me, there were times I questioned my sanity. Did that really happen? Did I really see that? Once I did accept my differences it all began to make sense to me why I seem to attract quirky and unusual events that often happen to me and around me. Now they are a normal part of my life.

This book is my way of sharing some of those experiences.

“It's important to me to share the stories to let people know if these things happen to them, not to be afraid. Regular everyday people like me can and do experience strange things,” says Podolski.

Continuing, “It’s actually not unusual for families to share special abilities; it just depends if they both discover them and use them. Strange things have happened to me my entire life and they probably always will. By writing this book, I hope my experiences can be useful to the lives of others.”

Since its release, the book has received a number of rave reviews.

For example, Toni Shatusky said, “Entertaining Captivating little book written by a long-time friend of mine who has an intriguing "gift". A ‘must read’’ for those who believe anything is possible.”

While the experiences detailed in the book may appear shocking to some, Podolski makes it clear that her life would be dramatically different if her abilities went away.

“It is just a part of my everyday life. I’ve learned to live with them and would probably miss them if they went away. Each time something happens I photograph it and add it to my journal – this book forms a ‘best of’ review of all of the experiences I’ve collected over the years,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘It Really Happens, My Gift’ is available now on Kindle or through Amazon.com.

About the Author: Carol Whitlock Podolski
Carol Whitlock Podolski is a Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks and Learn As You Go Institution. Brought up in a single parent household following the death of her father, Carol learned very early on how to survive. Those deep-rooted lessons she learned about self-reliance, tenacity and dedication enabled her to successfully raise her family, primarily as a single parent herself. She worked for over 20 + years in the field of market research and consulting. Starting as an interviewer responsible for conducting surveys over the phone to Director of Market Research call centers, concurrently operating, in Princeton, NJ and Tampa, Florida where hundreds of staff members reported to her. She left that field to work in a company dedicated to serving International Schools worldwide and most recently she held a position in a global publishing, financial, information and media services firm. Carol has, in several of her positions, been responsible for writing training manuals and instruction brochures. This is her first attempt at writing commercially.