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IT Support London Company Netstar Offers Bulletproof Business Continuity Plans


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- There are many things that can disrupt a business’ day-to-day operations, from natural disasters to security breaches, making it essential to have business continuity plans in place.

The recent 2012 Olympics presented businesses with quite a large hurdle to overcome. Given the enormity of the event, a YouGov survey reported that almost half of small-to-medium sized UK businesses expected some type of disruption during the Olympics. And yet, only 21 per cent had business continuity plans in place.

Providing Netstar, a UK based company, offers a number of services, including remote working solutions, to help businesses stay up and running in times of crisis, as well as throughout normal daily operations. Netstar offers a unique Data Backup and Disaster Recovery service using best-in-class technology to ensure files and data are kept safe. Additionally, the Netstar offers managed IT services, private cloud IT solutions, printer management and VOIP telecommunications.

When it is difficult for a company’s staff to get into the office, such as during extreme weather or a big event like the recent Olympics, Netstar recommends businesses should use remote working solutions to keep their business running. Remote working allows staff members to access their email and business files from any computer with access to the Internet, giving them the option of working from home during times of disruption.

It is also important for businesses to make sure all of their data is protected. However, according to Netstar, more than 80 per cent of businesses do not have a reliable online backup solution. This puts all of their valuable documents and emails at risk of being lost or damaged which can take, on average, four to five days and large amounts of money to restore; and in many cases this is even not possible.

Netstar’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) service backs up a business’ data every 15 minutes, can get your systems up and running in two hours and will even act as a server if needed. This allows companies to continue using their network while their server is being repaired. To further protect company’s data, the BDR encrypts and archives it at Netstar’s two off-site data centres.

According to Mit Patel, Managing Director at Netstar, “Regardless of your type of business, your data is vital. You have invaluable, irreplaceable information to which you need access at any given moment; information that is constantly being changed and updated. We understand the pain and cost to businesses when they lose their data, and found this happened all too frequently with some of the BDR solutions currently available. We therefore chose to develop our own BDR, using best-in-its-class technology, to ensure our customers have bulletproof protection and quick and easy access to their documents and data at all times.”

For more information about Netstar’s wide range of services and IT solutions, visit http://www.netstar.co.uk

About Netstar
Founded in 2002, Netstar has been providing technical support, computer services and consulting to SMEs throughout London and the UK for more than 10 years. Netstar provides IT Support to more than 100 clients who consistently say they are happy with the service – with customer satisfaction this year consistently averaging over 80 percent. All of Netstar’s services are tailored to suit each individual organisation and are delivered by expert engineers.