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IT4Automation Offers 360 Degree Awareness with 24/7 Monitoring Through Operational Technology


Epsom, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2017 -- IT4Automation, a leading network security solutions provider in the UK, offers Operational Technology (OT) network monitoring for engineers to ensure complete cyber security of their valuable network infrastructures. This service also assists in developing a 360-degree awareness of the network and the data generated by them, as they have their hardware integrated with network sensors to detect irregular processes. The OT system helps engineers in 24/7 monitoring of their network assets, performance, alerts, and events. Individuals looking to gain access to superior services for automated networking, cyber-security, and protective monitoring requirements can get in touch directly through their website.

IT4Automation has become one of the most sought-after names in the industry across the UK for providing network solutions to companies like Network Rail, Centrica Energy, and Connect Plus, to name just a few. With a strong portfolio that includes 19 years of experience in the business, 25 industries served, 50 infrastructure projects completed, and 350 active customers, they are a reliable partner for providing network integrity and network protection. Besides providing 24/7 network security, they also offer network provisioning, consulting, design, manufacturing, technical support, managed network switches, industrial Ethernet switch, 5 port-switch, and much more.

Talking more about their network security services, a representative from IT4automation stated, "Network devices can provide independent notification of events, performance degradation, compromise, and misuse. These are the causes of application failure and they need to be captured and addressed fast if high availability is to be maintained. Reliance on Anti-Virus (AV) and Malware for defence, whilst useful, protects against only 36% of known threats; in many control systems, AV is not used. It should be considered as part of the plan, not the plan itself."

About IT4Automation Limited
IT4Automation Limited offers tailored network services to critical systems across the UK. Their wide range of services aims to fully support the constantly evolving requirements for network integrity and network protection.

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