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Italian Detective Online Agency Finds Key Clue to Success with KLC's Web Marketing


Saronno, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- SEO specialist and web marketing agency KLC has recently added a new niche to the vast range of Companies whose web presence it manages, reaching an agreement with a small detective agency situated in Northern Italy, The first step in the agency's new marketing strategy was the design and implementation of a new, modern website, with clearer and persuasive explanations of  Detective Online's specialties and services. This was coupled with a probing of the online ad segment, to identify the most interesting avenues of contact with the peculiar kind of clientele which may need the detective agency's services – a clientele characterized by both high urgency and the utmost need for discretion.

Born of the great experience of its founder, Corrado Nembrini, Detective Online specializes in one of the most delicate aspects of investigation – that connected to perceived or suspected adultery on the part of either spouse. Such investigations always require intense and professional surveillance, since a precise answer might be a key element in court proceedings for divorce, and at the same time a high degree of discretion, since were the spouse's suspects to be wrong, the spouse being investigated upon might feel betrayed or not believed – a possible cause for litigation or even divorce itself. Rounding out its service offering, also provides professional investigation services for Companies, to identify disloyal employees, fight industrial espionage, or provide reliability profiles of new potential suppliers or customers, from a financial and professional standpoint. In these cases as well, of course, discretion is guaranteed.

KLC is a small consultancy firm with specialized in the optimization of website positioning in major Search Engine SERPs. Expanding its focus from traditional SEO to all aspects of web marketing, from website design to specific persuasive copywriting and digital PR, KLC is specialized in the marketing of small and medium-sized Companies operating in niche markets, and steadily improves their web reputation and presence with an eye to all the most innovative tecniques and trends.

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