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Italian Indie Film Seeks Funding to Bring UFO Tale to Audiences


Rome, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- A new Italian indie film, CRAS, fromfilmmaker Maurizio Squillarilooks to be a found footage 2014 masterpiece. Squillari plans to bring one of his latest sci-fi movies 2014 to audiences everywhere so they can enjoy this groundbreaking tale of future technology and UFOs.Recently, the filmmaker launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo.com where he is looking to raise support.

CRAS is documentary-style film that uses the found-footage method of storytelling, similar to the blockbuster “The Blair Witch Project.”

Revolving around the question “Are you sure you wanna find what you're looking for?" CRAS recordsa documentary team who is following a group of shadowy UFO hunters. As the film develops, the documentary team finds that their obsession with the truth threatens their friendship and safety.

Squillari said that his film is on the forefront of cinematic history. He added that CRAS is a feature film with many firsts, including the first Italian sci-fi, found-footage film and the first Italian feature film that deals with the UFO subject respectfully.

“CRAScreates a world where mind, technology, belief and logic theories fuse together in the most realistic of realities,” said Squillari.

CRAS will mark the filmmaker’s directorial debut.

Squillarigraduated from the New York Film Academy and, in his short career, has already found success. He haswritten three feature films, the pilot script for an original TV drama and he created a special episode for the well-known CBS hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory.”

The filmmaker said he is searching for the right partners to make CRAS a reality.

“The money will go directly to equipment and filming expenses,” said Squillari. “It will pay for camera, lenses, makeup, cast and crew members as well as promotions and marketing.”

Squillari said that in addition to financial support, individuals can help bring CRAS to audiences by getting the word out through social media, blogs, and everyday conversation.

“By making sure that CRAS happens, you are making sure to be part of something that's never been done before,” said Squillari.

About CRAS
CRAS is the directorial debut of Maurizio Squillari. It is a documentary-style, found-footage sci-fi film that chronicles a team of documentary makers searching for the truth as theyfollow a team of mysterious UFO hunters into unknown realms. For more information, please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cras-the-feature-film/x/6226089