Italian Production Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Indiegogo for the Making of the Documentary 'Another World'


Rome, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- The world and human beings are undergoing a period of powerful transformation. A great part of the change has to do with a shift in consciousness. There is a great and growing desire for change in the world. Are people prepared? Does mankind like the world we live in today? What are its contradictions? How can humanity improve the world? Can mankind be sure the human race are the most evolved people who ever lived on the planet? Is there a relationship between what happens to people and what those people think? If so, can anyone choose to model reality and make it work in their own favor?

‘Another World’ aims to be an enlightening and eye-opening documentary that deals with big issues related to one possible future for our world. This film explores civilization's historical progress with an eye on discerning a probable pattern. In addressing this concept, the documentary delves into many aspects of modern living, taking viewers from the past to the world of today, synthesizing old and new ideas and various threads of research and knowledge in an attempt to understand where society stands as individuals and as humankind. Starting from the present, the analysis goes back in time in search of civilizations -such as the Maya and the Native Americans- that developed and progressed in a different manner and from which scientists still have much to learn; societies exterminated by other branches of humanity in the name of “civilization” and “modernization” but that today could serve as examples by teaching citizens of the world a lot about themselves; their present path and future possibilities.

‘Another World’ is a factual documentary featuring scholars and academics from leading universities and institutions from Europe, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Italian director and producer Thomas Torelli and his team had the opportunity and honor of interviewing personalities such as internationally renowned Japanese researcher and author Masaru Emoto, New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden, quantum physicist Vittorio Marchi, as well as other authoritative writers, physicists, activists, physicians and philosophers.

“Making a documentary is an adventure into unknown territory. The three years dedicated to this project have been long and at times difficult , but now that we are close to the finish line, I can say it was worth it. This film has definitely changed me and I really hope for it to be an instrument of positive change for all those who stumble upon it, stir the hearts of those who see it to become active, conscious agents of life, and not just passive spectators of life,” said Torelli.

It is no coincidence that Jorge R. Gutierrez, who is currently working on his first animated film - the Guillermo del Toro-Produced ‘Book of Life’, has become Associate Producer of the documentary having caught the “mission” perfectly. “I would encourage you to help fund the indie documentary ‘Another World’, directed by the great Thomas Torelli. It’s a true labor of love about our relationship with the earth and how we can help it heal and heal ourselves in return. Having seen an early rough cut, I can honestly say it is AMAZING. And as an Associate Producer on the film, I could not be prouder to be involved with a more noble endeavor” said Gutierrez.

‘Another World’ is an independent film and as such, for its final financing it’s harnessing the enormous power of diffusion and involvement given by the web: through collective cooperation, hundreds of people may participate in the film through crowdfunding. One of the central objectives of the documentary is increasing people’s awareness of their great power as individual co-creators of reality. “We believe achieving participation is of great importance. Crowdfunding gives us a unique opportunity to create a vehicle for many people, in addition to family and friends, who want to be part of the project to be able to do so,” explains Torelli.

Beyond the amount that each person can invest in the documentary, for Torelli, simply participating means that he achieved getting someone involved and that surely this person has shared the project with someone else. “In this way, not only will we be able to complete financing, we will also have created a community of people who feel that this film is also theirs. This campaign will be successful only if we get lots of people involved, to see and share it,” continues Torelli.

The team has set the goal of raising €26,000 on Indiegogo to stay on schedule, complete the film and deliver it to festivals and a distributor. Crowdfunding support will go specifically toward finishing paying the amazing crew, complete editing, music, color correction, graphics, archival footage licensing, outreach and distribution. The funds raised will also allow the team to show the documentary at film festivals for a broader reach toward their goals.

This campaign will end on April 08, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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About the crew
Thomas Torelli - Director, writer and producer of ‘Another World’ is the producer and co-author of the feature documentary ‘ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11’, with presentations by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo and American literary icon Gore Vidal. The film was presented at the International Film Festival of Rome 2007 and won the Audience Award at the Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México in 2008.

About ‘Another World’
‘Another World’ already has been selected in two major film festivals: RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival), considered by many as the Italian “Oscars” of independent films; and the Phoenix Film Festival, one of the 20 “Coolest” festivals in the world according to MovieMaker magazine.