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Ithaca Sports Now Offers International Shipping to over 150 Countries

Ithaca Sports adds 150 Countries to its international shipping list


Ithaca, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- IthacaSports has just added the ability for their loyal overseas customers to have their product delivered directly to their homes. This is good news for Ithaca Sports enthusiasts living overseas.

We all know the headache of purchasing our favorite product from another country and then having to come up with a clever way to get it home. Unless they travel to the USA frequently or have friends and relatives who do so, many are simply out of luck. Ithaca Sports has tackled this problem straight on and expanded their business so they can support their loyal overseas customers. Whether it is a bulk purchase of ankle braces or a simple single item package such as athletic tape, customers now have options they never had before. This will not only help their customers worldwide, but it will also help them expand their business.

Although the name may have you think otherwise, Ithaca Sports does not just deal in sports-related equipment. They provide first aid products as well. Products such as BioFreeze and Flexall have become indispensable products that all active individuals should have in their medicine box. They also offer well known products such as “Sore No More” topical gel, for those who prefer a natural pain relieving product. They truly offer customers the ability to build their medicine box the way they see fit.

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Ithaca Sports was founded on, and continues to run on, the principle that people are important. Not only does Ithaca Sports like to do business with people, but they like to get to know the people they are doing business with. That’s why each order with Ithaca Sports is a personalized transaction, leaving customers feeling like they just did business with an old friend. For more detail visit