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Ithaca Sports Updates Their Website with New Items

Sports Medicine and First Aid Superstore Offers New Products on Their Site


Ithaca, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2013 -- Ithaca Sports, a leading online retailer for sports medicine and equipment in central New York, is pleased to report that it has recently updated its website with new items. Customers can now find a Game Face Adjustable Mask, Zensah Compression Leg single sleeve, and Pro-Tec Massager with Trigger Point Release Grips in stock.

These new products complement existing offerings like Biofreeze, China gel, and ankle braces. The Game Face Adjustable Mask is a safety mask perfect for a variety of sports activities. It’s designed from strong polycarbonate, the material used for bulletproof glass, and greatly reduces the incidence of facial and dental injuries. The Zensah Compression Sleeve provides dual action support to the calves and shins, perfect for during or after a workout to facilitate healing. Similarly, the Pro-Tec Massager is a great tool for reducing muscle tightness, pain, and soreness, allowing for pain relief and faster recovery from injuries. All of these items are available on sale and with free shipping for a limited time.

Customers turn to specialty sports stores like Ithaca Sports because they can find exclusive, top of the line items like Bio freeze that just aren’t available over the counter in retail stores. According to a spokesperson, “Ithaca Sports is owned and operated by a Certified Athletic Trainer, and we have health care professionals on staff to help you find the products that will best suit your needs.” Some of their other product categories include Cryoderm pain reliever, Flexall, athletic prewrap, Sombra cream, elastic bandages, mouth guards, ankle braces, and shoe inserts.

About Ithaca Sports
For several years, Ithaca Sports has served sports customers with the highest quality sports medicine and first aid equipment, both in central New York and across the United States. The company stands out from the competition because it has health care professionals testing every product to make sure that all of them are effective. Now, with new products in addition to classic ones like Biofreeze and athletic tape, Ithaca Sports is an excellent place for customers to meet all of their sports medicine and first aid needs. For additional information please visit,