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IT's a Weight to Wait: Comedic Novel Depicts Minister's Faith-Changing Journey; Imparting Bold Lessons on How the Bible Really Taught the Faith of Israel

Masterfully crafted by James Chandler, ‘It’s a Weight to Wait’ straddles fact and fiction to provide readers with a vital education on the Bible’s little-known yet predominant message about why everyone should convert to the Jewish faith of Israel. Chandler wraps his powerful message up in a comedic-style narrative about a Pastor’s tumultuous battle with his faith-based and personal demons.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- While at first glance, James E. Chandler’s ‘It’s a Weight to Wait’ may look like a serious real-life biography, the book’s fictional story reaches beyond its pages to provide far more uplifting life lessons.

Prepare for a narrative that grapples with the truth behind scripture, the protagonist’s past and his unwavering passion for finding his place in a seemingly disenfranchised world.


It's a Weight to Wait is a story about the life of Minister Jamal Jenkins, and how he overcame the fleshly issues of his youth, the many years of indoctrination, and how his journey to the truth became his curse but later his blessing.

“This is a fictional story with a very serious real-world message,” explains Chandler. “Millions of people are searching for the truth of the Bible teaching the faith of Israel – and this story speaks directly to them.”

Continuing, “They’ll get to see why and how Jamal changed his faith from being a committed Christian to living as a Jew. Many people don’t know that the reasons for becoming a Jew are shared by virtually all characters in the Bible. This story finally shares the facts.”

The author is confident that his work has global appeal.

“This is a very important story and copies of my book should be in every house, school and library. Many people are searching for the truth behind some more specific parts of the Bible’s teachings, and my book exposes some of the facts needed to help anyone strengthen their faith,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘It’s a Weight to Wait’ is available now: https://www.createspace.com/4837233.

About James E. Chandler
James E. Chandler is a 2012 graduate of Everest Institute in the profession of Medical Assisting, and he is full of creativity, from his writing, acting, and the ability to sing unto Yahweh. He loves Yahweh with all his heart, soul, might and strength.