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It's Here - The Bluelite Message: Twenty Two Life-Changing Words, Ten Thousand Years in the Making

The Universe sends a message just once every ten thousand years. Now, in 2012 AD, a new book by Michael An’gileo shares this message of our remarkable time. Ending with a 22-word message of light, an opportunity has arrived for the planet to unify, be inspired and recognize the infinite nature of its shared destiny.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- The Universe sends an awe-inspiring message from the sky only once every ten thousand years. The paradise of Atlantis was created as a result of the last. Now, in 2012 A.D, the next message has arrived.

This message of our remarkable time is explored and shared via ‘The Bluelite Message,’ a ground-breaking and inspirational new book by LA-based Michael An'gileo. The book embodies an abundance of miracles, hope and the ultimate power of love.

At its heart, awaiting the reader at the book’s conclusion is a 22-word message of light that is truly the message of our time. Set to change the lives of all who can comprehend it, this short verse is poised to renew and enrich life across the planet.

The book’s journey is told through the fictional eyes of Keith Dartman, who overcomes all obstacles on Planet Bluelite in order to bring the message to the world.

As the synopsis proves, The Bluelite Message is a vital and compelling read.

Keith Dartman and the Women of Planet Bluelite overcome perilous obstacles to bring the message to the world. In the process they discover a mystical force, a sparkling blue jewel in their minds. It leads them, inspires them and protects them endlessly and wordlessly. The book ends with a 22-word message of light.

As the author explains, his book will take readers on an intimate, personal and ultimately life-changing journey.

“The Bluelite Message is a story, a journey and a message. It teaches the reader how to contact the Bluelite -- the same mystical force that leads the book's characters -- through a meditation practice, described in rich detail,” explains An'gileo.

He continues, “The readers are asked to become active with Planet Bluelite, the burgeoning organization that connects the world to its life-renewing message. Bluelite will become an inspired way of life for its readers, irrespective of religion, race, nationality, gender or politics. The Bluelite Message is universal and at the core of our human need for love and purpose.”

Upon concluding their journey, readers are asked to spread the book’s 22- word message of light. By utilizing word-of-mouth, social media and the power of the internet, An'gileo encourages everyone to share this short message that was ten thousand years in the making.

“As these 22 words crisscross the globe, we will have accepted the message of our time, the Bluelite Message,” he adds.

As the Founder of Planet Bluelite, An'gileo has found his calling in connecting the world to this galvanizing message. By taking these few yet powerful words on their own journey around the globe, it is hoped that each and every person will embody the spirit of Keith Dartman and his conviction that the planet can be changed for the better.

“The Bluelite Message is a once-in-a-generation experience that has come down to touch the world. It's now up to each and every one of us to discover the message for ourselves and share it with all whose life we touch," An'gileo concludes.

The Bluelite Message, published by CreateSpace, is available now from CreateSpace, Amazon and Amazon UK.

For the Planet Bluelite launch page and additional author information, please visit http://www.planetbluelite.com and http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-an-gileo/3a/226/729.

The book’s progress can also be followed on Facebook. To follow the progress of Keith Dartman, please visit his official Twitter feed.

About the Author: Michael An'gileo
Michael An'gileo is an author, speaker and practitioner of Bluelite. He shares with others receiving the Bluelite Message around the world through his organization, Planet Bluelite. He resides in Los Angeles.