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ItsYourSkills Helps Candidates to Fit a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

Candidates know their profession is important and its pays them well. However, there’s also a hidden talent that longs to be nurtured. If someone thinks there’s something more for them, but can’t put a finger on it, call ItsYourSkills for help.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2014 -- A company’s success lies in its ability to identify and nurture talents that often lie latent beneath an employee’s apparent job description and designation. This promotes employee engagement and enhances employee satisfaction. The concept may seem good in principle, but difficult to implement in the real world scenario. ItsYourSkills offers a mechanism that helps people understand these skills and compile them in a structured manner.

This database or Skills Profile (as they prefer to call it) can be used by employers for future reference. “Our skill profiling framework not only records technical capabilities but also takes into account behavioral skills and management/leadership profile. While skill data basing isn’t a new concept, it is often static and does not cater well to a dynamic work environment,” says XXX, xxx at ItsYourSkills.

The skills library that is maintained through profiling classifies every skill after assessing them in detail. “What is unique about our skills library is that stakeholders are constantly being asked about changes in requirements of various positions. Prospective candidates are also asked about their skills so that a note of new skills is made in the library,” he/she adds.

The process of identifying hidden skills can begin right from where the recruitment process starts. What if recruiters could hit the nail on the head every time they’re looking for resource? “We offer apps that ensure that the job’s done right the first time, so that you don’t have to pay again,” adds XXX.

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ItsYourSkills offers cloud solutions on talent. They create talent management and talent enhancement applications that cater to a modern and fast paced world.

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