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Oxfordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- According to recent costs released, US women spend an average of $14,500 for each Invitro fertilization treatment to produce a pregnancy. This cost is between two and four times the cost of the same procedure in other countries such as India, Singapore and Argentina. The trend, says Tim Garadine of IVF-Abroad.org, an online resource for those looking to find information about the IVF, is for Americans and others to seek IVFs in one of the other countries to save money.

Says Gardine, "There are a number of factors why IVF is often so much cheaper abroad. In some instances it is due to lower infrastructure costs and wage costs in one country compared to another. Other countries, such as Singapore are extremely business-friendly, with lower rates of taxes, and an in-built efficiency, which can help to drive down the cost of fertility treatments such as IVF. It is also arguable that in countries such as the US and the UK, costs for medicines and treatments are kept artificially high by monopolies. There is certainly no doubt that many medications are far cheaper in countries such as India, compared to identical ones in the US."

Even in other countries, however, the prices can still fluctuate, allowing would-be parents to shop around for costs. Gardine says his website allows consumers to compare prices in the various countries they are most interested in visiting. Of course, says Gardine, most people are concerned about the success rate, in addition to the price. When all things are considered, the success rates are almost equal in other countries as they are in the US. "In actual fact, most clinics, abroad and at home, will have a fairly similar average success rate for IVF treatment, when all factors are considered. Travelling abroad for fertility treatment will certainly not impact on your success. It will, however, result in much lower costs, which is why IVF abroad is becoming a popular option for those in the know."

"The bottom line" Gardine concludes. "If it is possible, with a little research, to reduce the cost of IVF treatment by more than 70%, by going abroad for fertility treatment, with the same type of results, why wouldn't you do it? Previously, US, Canadian and UK citizens travelled overseas to countries in the Far East for more affordable fertility treatments, such as IVF, but it is now possible to get excellent IVF treatment in many countries in South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East."

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IVF-Abroad.org is a one-stop online resource for those comparing costs of fertility treatments in foreign countries. The site additionally provides complete information and FAQs answering common questions couples have about the process.