Iviewus.com Takes on the Flaws of Microsoft's Windows 10 Version and Some Helpful Solutions to Specific Issues

The Start Menu became one of the highlights of Windows 10; and in addition to this, features such as the Edge Web Browser and the Cortana have made the waves and has had really high demands from the pro users.


Flagstaff, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- One of the highly innovative gadgets of today is the Windows 10 laptop and the response of the people when the very first units were released is absolutely overwhelming. The release of the Windows 10 version has overthrown the Windows 8 which became a disaster for those who have availed and used the gadget. This latest popular version has become the talk and feature of every gadget show globally because it has shown a great advantage over the previous windows versions.

The Start Menu became one of the highlights of Windows 10; and in addition to this, features such as the Edge Web Browser and the Cortana have made the waves and has had really high demands from the pro users. However, even with the latest and improved version, there are still flaws found because of the number of issues found in Windows 10 which prompted Microsoft to release the Windows 10 updated version in a span of 1 day after the previous was launched to the worldwide market.

There are a number of problems with the first Windows 10 version; however Microsoft is searching and disseminating any information that would fix the issues, that is, if there are solutions to it. Here are some of the imperfections and flaws with the Windows 10 laptops and some useful tips to resolve it:

- Windows 10 activation problem

There have been massive numbers of reviews and reports that users have encountered difficulties in activating it after the program has been installed. What makes it much worse is that there isn't any solution provided to its users to solve this problem by themselves. On the other hand, this problem may resolve its own system problems after some time.

- The Google Chrome Browser goes crazy

The Browser being known to really be efficient and fast slows down with the Windows 10 version especially when it is prompted to perform quite heavy tasks such as video streaming. The only identified solution to this is to wait for Google to fix all its bugs; however, disabling all unnecessary extensions will help boost speed. In addition to this, if the problem is not fixed, then it would be better to reinstall Google Chrome in the computer.

- Where are the most used programs?

As what have been previously mentioned, Edge is a lot better than other browser applications because it is designed to be very simple and clean. However, users may have difficulty looking for all the other favorite apps. The only solution to this is importing everything from the old browser to the Edge Browser by clicking the settings button from the menu and selecting the option to import apps.

- Folder Failures

With the new improved Windows 10 version, it doesn't allow its users to create subfolders to be able to organize all their emails; this is where they see that Windows 8 is better than today's Windows version. This shouldn't be a huge dilemma for most of the users; however, for those who need this feature, the bad news is that there hasn't been any solution released by the Microsoft experts to solve the issue.

- Internet connectivity issues

One of the most common complaints of the Windows 10 users is that their Wi-Fi connection is being cut out and that they are having difficulty reconnecting to the network again. This has also been a problem with all the other Windows versions and the only solution to this is to have the computer rebooted and to disable the Wi-Fi sharing feature.

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