in2town Says Public Speakers Not Turning Up Cost Organisers Thousands of Pounds bring together speakers and event planners to provide a range of speaking topics for upcoming events and occasions. Various niche speakers on topics from motivational to business tools can be located easily and conveniently. With their professional public speaker booking service, organisers can be confident they will not be let down at the last minute


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- Event organisers who booked a public speaker direct and spent thousands of pounds organising and promoting the important business event were shocked when he cancelled at the last minute, is not a headline or an experience an organiser wants. However, in reality it does happen and people do waste money due to not having a firm contract in place, or working with a reliable company who are dedicated in supplying public speakers to events with a guarantee they will turn up. and Managing Director, Chris Taylor is pleased to announce that they take the pain out of arranging a speaker for an upcoming event. In the past, organizers and planners were frustrated when a speaker backed out at the last minute, which caused them embarrassment and cost them thousands of pounds. Chris Taylor recognises the huge problem of dealing with public speakers direct with no firm contract or guarantee they will turn up and has launched a professional service to eliminate this problem. The organization offers a growing register of speakers of interest to many industries. Speakers gain additional exposure in order to offer their talents to a wider group of clients.

According to Chris Taylor, speaking to an interviewer recently, “Accountants, financial officers, management staff, event planners, sales managers, communications managers and others can relax in the knowledge that funds are held safely until the terms of the contract are performed. Decision makers need not be reluctant to promote the event, knowing a contract is in place. I Want a acts as a dispute backup system if there is a problem with the transaction.”

He continues, “Another feature that makes our services unique is that actual, uncensored customer reviews are posted on our website. The comments are not hidden or selected out such as the reviews on the personal website of the speaker. After all, no speaker is likely to share bad testimonials. Full disclosure helps our clients come to an informed and balanced decision.

Those business people who are willing to sign up as speakers on topics of interest to them personally, or which reflect information about the industry of which they are knowledgeable not only can gain broader exposure for their speaking gigs, but also can promote the company or organization with which they are involved. Signing up is easy and free of charge.

Learn more about opportunities for personal or corporate business growth by paying a visit to the web pages online at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact Chris Taylor at the location provided below.

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