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iWARE Industries, Inc. Announces New Patent-Pending iPad Stand Ready for Production!


Temecula, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- iWARE Industries, Inc., According to its inventor, the new stand is a modular iPad accessory with its own accessories they have named “Corsair 2.0”.

“Of the millions of iPads sold, the company needs 500 iPad owners to step up and support this great product,” says Founder, Christopher Matthews. “By using the crowd-sourcing website, iWARE Industries Inc., is looking to fund the production costs by pre-selling 500 units to iPad owners who might see value in our product or want to help us bring our product to market.”

The new Corsair 2.0 has multiple multifunctional accessories, which allow users to keep the device in virtually any position without a need for a flat surface or any surface at all. It also has a rack and pinion gear system that accepts all iPad versions, as well as other tablet devices. Plus, the new holder has a Kindle attachment that allows it to be used with all Kindle devices.

According to Matthews, “The Corsair 2.0, which is ready for production, has a number of accessories that allow it to be used as a typical desk stand, comfortable hand holder, and hands-free holder, with flexibility allowing the iPad to be positioned in any angle that’s needed.

“One of the attachments that will ship on demand,” notes Matthews, “would allow the holder to be securely attached to a wheelchair by using a 18" flexible steel gooseneck hose that can be positioned in an angle comfortable for its user.”

Matthews also discloses iWARE Industries, Inc., will be shipping the Corsair 2.0 with the attachments that buyers pre-select. Plus, Corsair 2.0 owners will not need to purchase each accessory, instead they only need to purchase the accessory that they are looking for.

The flexible gooseneck design with an industrial grade clamp, along with the case of the holder that accepts devices of different sizes, will make this accessory a sought after elegant solution to every iPad owners needs.

For further information about the new pending iPad stand, Corsair 2.0, please visit the following websites: or

California’s leading innovative and forward-thinking company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of premium iPad accessories, announces a new patent-pending iPad stand, which makes using iPads a more enjoyable experience.

Media Contact: Christopher Matthews, Founder, 888-354-3210,