iWatchfast - a Revolutionary New Free Mobile Speed Video Player App


Edmond, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- As the evolution of technology is happening at a much quicker pace than ever before, it is evident that people are most likely to switch to mobile devices and tablet computers. These newer devices are convenient to use and allow users to enjoy almost the same benefits of a personal computer or a laptop. Even though there are many video player apps out there right now but the market is still wide open for a newer faster better app to take over. A revolutionary new free mobile speed video player app has recently launched, iWatchfast is a video player app all set to take online video watching to a whole new level by letting its users experience the fastest video watching experience .It is obvious by the name of the app that the creators of this new app are out to create the fast video player around.

The app creators claim that iWatchfast is a “mobile DVR player app” that will allow its users to watch video up to 2x speed and become smarter and save time. It is a fact that most video playing apps out there take too long to load, sometimes the wait is long enough to put the viewer off from watching the video. In today’s fast paced times, nobody has the time to wait an eternity and a half just to watch video that is only a few minute long. iWatchfast app is all about loading videos at a much faster speed so users can watch videos when they actually want, not ages later. This is also great news for people who like to enjoy watching long movies online which generally takes a very long time to load. Now they can erase the waiting time and watch it like they would on their DVR.

People might infer that since iWatchfast offers such great performance it might not be a cheap app to get. Well, iWatchfast is completely free to download. People should not have to pay for something that they wanted and deserved from day one, a faster more efficient video player is not a luxury; it is now a necessity and the creators of iWatchfast realize this fact. The app is still in its launching phase and the creators of the app are all set to redefine the word speed and prove that iWatchfast is the fastest and greatest video player app around.

iWatchfast app is the best choice for people who share the app’s motto of “I have no time for Real-Time”.

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