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IWI Executive Director Condemns Rape Crimes

“Problem with Rape Crimes Starts at the Top”


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- International Women’s Initiative Executive Director Aubrey Shayler condemned the gang rape crime in India in her “What I’ve Learnt” Column on Survivor’s Blog. As we hear that another bus related gang rape has occurred this message continues to be important.

Shayler commented that high rates of rape are also related with the blame-the-victim culture, in this case in India, which harms the prosecution process by not holding criminals fully accountable. Shayler quoted Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar saying “whatever happens to them is their own fault. As of yet, nothing has been offered to deter men from raping women.”

Finally, Shayler suggests that rather than asking “how to keep women safe”, the populace might be better served to ask “how do we hold attackers accountable so citizens as a whole are free to enjoy their lives?”

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