Joe Bragg Covers One Man's Quest to Run 500 Miles to Support Cancer Research UK


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Most people find running more enjoyable when they do it with friends. Friends push each other to exceed their limits and encourage them to participate in marathons, races, and events that they might be hesitant to try on their own.

It’s easy to find supportive friends on the internet. At least, that’s the theory behind, a running blog that showcases one man’s quest to run 500 miles over the course of 2013. That man is Dan Thorpe, who has already completed over one fifth of his goal for the year. Through a combination of training sessions and charity runs, Dan Thorpe aims to hit 500 miles before December 31st, 2013.

At, visitors can track Dan’s quest and monitor his progress throughout the year. The running blog is regularly updated with news about Dan’s latest runs as well as his training progress. Visitors will also find photographs and sponsorship information.

As Dan explains, he runs in all-weather conditions, whether rain or shine:

“In order to hit 500 miles before the end of 2013, I can’t take many days off. I need to constantly push my limits and get out for runs whether it’s rainy or sunny outside. By doing that, I aim to meet or surpass 500 miles before December 31st, 2013.”

Dan isn’t alone in his quest to hit 500 miles. Dan tracks his runs using a Garmin Forerunner 410. He also wears a Nike+ sportband and a pair of Nike Lunar Glide 2 City Series 2011. Reviews for all of these products should be uploaded soon to the website, with the goal of helping other runners achieve their goals – however big or small those goals may be.

Perhaps the most significant part about Dan’s journey to hit 500 miles is that he does not consider himself a runner:

“I’ve run occasionally in the past but I’ve never been a competitive runner. Prior to 2013, I hadn’t completed many significant runs, which is why 2013 will be such a challenging – and rewarding – year for me.”

Those wishing to support Dan’s quest for 500 miles can do so by clicking Cancer Research UK links found throughout So far, Dan has raised over 50% of his target amount with donations from over 40 different individuals.

About is a running blog for Dan Thorpe, a UK resident who aims to run 500 miles before the end of 2013. Dan is running in support of Cancer Research UK. At, visitors will find regular updates of Dan’s progress as well as photographs from his latest runs. For more information, please visit: