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IZ REAL Marketing Is Changing the Music Industry


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- IZ REAL Marketing, a new groundbreaking music marketing and social media company, is changing how music, art and culture are promoted. The brainchild of Sean Massey, IZ REAL Marketing will use the power of fundraising as a non-profit to help recording artist improve album sales.

According to the website, IZ REAL Marketing plans to collect nonprofit donations and give out donations to loyal music fans who support performing arts and the organization by their posting patterns online.

As IZ REAL Marketing’s YouTube video notes, the consumption of music is increasing, but music marketing has not evolved with the music industry.

“Keeping the recording industry alive and saving the music business from declining album sales is the mission of the organization,” said Massey.

IZ REAL Marketing believes consumers will flip through CD racks again by compensating music listeners with contest prizes.

In addition to helping the music industry, IZ REAL Marketing is a virtual community where music fans can share how they support performing arts and interact with each other.

“IZ REAL Marketing rewards music fans with contest prizes based on their activity online,” said Massey.

Music fans can create personal online pages where they can post and promote items such as retail receipts, pictures of purchased CDs, music and video reviews and concert footage. Fans posting to their page increase their chance of winning a prize, according to the company’s indiegogo.com webpage.

IZ REAL Marketing is also a website where talented fans can get international exposure by sharing their personal talents on the website.

And it is not just fans and artists who can benefit from IZ REAL Marketing. The recording industry can benefit as well with the ultimate perk being increased sales and profits.

Massey is no stranger to the music industry. He started his own record label in 2004. Afterwards, Massey graduated college with a degree in police science. He is also a graduate of the police academy. However, Massey decided to pursue his music business and start IZ REAL Marketing. Massey has been featured on TED.com as an innovator with an idea worth spreading.

About IZ REAL Marketing
IZ REAL Marketing is a new social media company that is revolutionizing the music industry. Through nonprofit donations, the company will increase album sales for recording artists affiliated with the organization by bringing music marketing up to speed with the ever-changing music industry. For more information, visit https://twitter.com/1musicmarketing.