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iziSurvey Launches New Software

Offers an innovative and affordable data collection tool to users


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- iziSurvey has launched a new software solution that business owners can use to create surveys and get useful information from their potential users.

One of the biggest issues business owners face is not having information on how users would react to new products that they launch. Surveys and questionnaires are a smart way of getting that information and now this software solution makes it easier for business owners to create and conduct them.

There are several benefits of surveys for businesses and they include the fact that they get their hands on a broad range of data that is made easily available to them. They can explore the vast reach of the Internet through their surveys and get specific details from users. Moreover chances of getting honest responses through anonymous feedback are quite high and the information can be used by companies to good effect.

Surveys are also handy to know more about one’s competitors and when business owners are looking for strategies to retain customers. They are also a cost effective tool for business owners, which is an added advantage. And it’s particularly true of the software solution offered by iziSurvey. There is a free version that can be helpful for those who are looking to get basic surveys done or the reasonably prized paid version, which is helpful for those who want sophisticated solutions.

Overall the solution has multi-code capabilities for online surveys, mobile, email and kiosk surveys. It gives business owners the access to hardest to reach consumers and analyze data for various survey modes.

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