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J & L Paving Concepts Announces Driveway Paving and Parking Lot Repair Services Are Available This February and March


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- Now that temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark in the Northeast, there is a greater chance that individuals will find that new cracks or potholes have formed on driveways or in parking lots. What's more, most of the time, these fissures are a result of water finding an opening in the surface and expanding the pavement because the water froze. When individuals or property owners are trying to find a company to repave their parking lot or driveway this winter, one company that they can turn to is J & L Paving Concepts. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers this February and March.

While some tiny cracks might seem like they could be ignored because of their small size, taking action early can save property owners money. Additionally, the more water collects in the openings and freezes, the more cracks can increase in size. Some cracks might even turn into larger spider cracks and cause major damage. Inevitably, small cracks should not be ignored, and property owners should address them before they lead to bigger issues and costly repairs.

Aside from continuing to take new clients in need of parking lot or driveway paving services, J & L Paving Concepts would also like to let everyone know that they provide snow removal and plowing services at all hours of the day. They take both residential and commercial customers, can salt sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways, and can perform ice removal.

When looking for a driveway paving company in Northeast Philadelphia or a driveway seal coating company that serves Northeast Philadelphia, look no further than J & L Paving Concepts. To get in touch with the company, please dial 267-343-5282, or visit their website and fill out a contact form.

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