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J S Forwarding Expands Offerings to Better Meet Client Needs

Customs clearance and warehousing distribution remain two client favorites


Felixstowe, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- When one goes to import or export goods in the United Kingdom, HMRC Customs procedures must be followed exactly as this can save one money on both duty and import VAT charges. Once items are in the country, logistics become the main concern, especially when it comes to warehousing items as safety and health need to remain top priorities. "Those looking to import or export items in the UK and those in need of warehousing for their items frequently turn to J S Forwarding for assistance with these and other tasks," Chris Gant of J S Forwarding declares.

J S Forwarding specializes in customs clearance in the UK, offering a comprehensive clearance service for those shipments entering the country though major airports and ports. Making use of the latest software, the company maintains links with these ports and airports to ensure the clearance service is both fast and efficient. Clients frequently find they have questions concerning Port Health requirements, PEACH applications, duty and vat, and more and turn to J S Forwarding for assistance.

"When one has questions on customs clearance requirements, J S Forwarding will be of help. Staff members understand Customs' regulations, EORI and Carnets, phytosanitary and health certificates, and more. Don't take chances when it comes to a shipment. Get the answers needed before shipping to ensure problems are avoided at the point of entry," Gant explains.

Once items enter the country, many find they are in need of Felixstowe warehousing and J S Forwarding offers this service to assist clients. The warehouse maintained by J S Forwarding features an alarm and monitoring system and has received full customs approval. Whether one is in need of bonded storage and container cleaning or one just wants to store items for a few days or weeks, the warehouse remains available for use.

"For those in need of transport services, such as stretch wrapping or palletising, J S Forwarding now offers these services along with distribution to destinations across the country. The goal of the company remains to assist clients at every stage of the process, and the services provided all us to do exactly that," Gant promises.

In addition to customs clearance and warehousing and distribution services, clients find J S Forwarding to be of great assistance in the area of sea freight and often work with this company and other entities within the group of companies for specialized needs. "Contact J S Forwarding today as we'll be happy to assist you in all of your endeavors," Gant proclaims.

About J S Forwarding
J S Forwarding specializes in customs entry and provides advice to customers concerning Customs' regulations, Port Health requirements, Customs' tariff classifications, duty and VAT. Working with leading carriers across the globe, J S Forwarding offers a wide range of competitive shipping service perfect for full and part load shipments, no matter the destination.