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J-Tech Offers Patented DLS Hydraulic Man Baskets to Provide Highway Work Crews with Flexibility Deploying and Retrieving Traffic Patterns


Chester Springs, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2018 -- J-Tech is offering patented DLS (Dynamic Lift System) Hydraulic Man Baskets to provide highway work crews with more flexibility when they deploy and retrieve traffic patterns. In fact, their hydraulic operated man baskets can adjust ride height so they can accommodate changes in the road terrain. J-Tech also provides and services other types of highway safety equipment, including but not limited to attenuator trucks, pattern trucks, and arrow boards.

The DLS Hydraulic Man Basket, an efficient, operator-friendly lane closure tool, can save up to 40% of the time needed to deploy or retrieve vertical panels. The system helps reduce operator fatigue using roller guides to move panels on and off the lift platform easily, and therefore, less manual lifting is required. The operator inside can raise and lower the panels and basket based on speed and terrain. The DLS works on either side of the truck by use of a centralized hydraulic system.

There are multiple safety bars for the workers who are stationed on the flatbed. There are also anti-slip decking and stairs to and from the basket and the bed of the truck so workers can easily move about.

For more efficiency in deploying and retrieving traffic patterns, those interested are encouraged to consider buying or renting the DLS Hydraulic Man Basket from J-Tech. J-Tech also offers a variety of other products to decrease their highway workers' time out on the road and ultimately enhance their safety.

To learn more about DLS Hydraulic Man Baskets and crash attenuator rentals, contact J-Tech at 610-816-0380.

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J-Tech, based in Chester Springs, PA, was founded in 1993. This company sells, rents, and custom builds attenuator trucks, including crash, cushion, and pattern trucks. Through an extensive dealer network that spans across the United States, they also repair and rebuild vents, pumps, valves, and tank wash spinners for the tank truck industry as well as a provide a variety of other products and services.

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