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J-Tech Promotes Efficiency by Decreasing the Amount of Time Highway Workers Are out on the Road


Chester Springs, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2018 -- J-Tech, a company based in Chester Springs, PA, is pleased to announce that they promote efficiency by decreasing the amount of time highway workers spend out on the road. They can do this with the help of highway equipment, including pattern trucks with DLS (Dynamic Lift Systems). The company also provides solutions to the highway industry with truck-mounted attenuators, arrow board trailers, and more.

Using equipment from J-Tech can reduce highway workers' time on the road by up to 50%. Pattern trucks with DLS systems feature a hydraulic unit on the back that allows workers to ride a lift up and down, which not only reduces their amount of time on the road but also worker fatigue. With the push of a button, the Dynamic Lift System hydraulically raises and lowers panels, which helps employees set patterns more efficiently on the highway.

Whether someone is looking to lease, rent, or purchase a crash attenuator truck or another type of highway safety equipment, they can turn to J-Tech. The Chester Springs-based company allows their customers to choose which option would be best suited for them. J-Tech also offers repair services to those who are in need. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, J-Tech has become the recognized leader in the industry for rebuilding valves, vents, and tank wash spinners across the nation. J-Tech currently provides equipment relocation services for utility companies in the tri-state area.

To learn more about how J-Tech helps increase efficiency by decreasing highway workers' time out on the road, contact them at 610-816-0380.

About J-Tech
J-Tech, based in Chester Springs, PA, was founded in 1993. This company sells, rents, and custom builds attenuator trucks, including crash, cushion, and pattern trucks. Through an extensive dealer network that spans across the United States, they also repair and rebuild vents, pumps, valves, and tank wash spinners for the tank truck industry as well as a provide a variety of other products and services.

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