JaciGlobal's Yoga Towel Is an Indispensable Accessory for Yoga Enthusiasts Worldwide

Made from superior quality materials that provide unmatchable grip and comfort, the yoga towel by Jaci Global ticks all the right boxes and offers an unforgettable workout experience.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- The yoga mat towel by Jaci Global has been designed not just for Yoga enthusiasts but even for those who enjoy mixing up their Yoga routine with Pilates and other kinds of workouts that need more floor – work. This yoga towel is extra long in size and is available in the dimension 24" x 72". This towel can be easily used over one's yoga mat.

The fact that this hot yoga towel is super absorbent makes it an indispensable accessory in one's workout regime. This is because it can easily absorb sweat and moisture whilst still keeping the surface free from the hazards of skidding. Some of the major Yoga forms co – ordinate perfectly with the usage of this towel. Therefore, whether one enjoys Bikram Yoga or Hatha Yoga, this towel will be of excellent use.

Even when damp, the surface of this towel remains skid free and it is also slip – resistant. Therefore, one need not be overly cautious when working on their Yoga poses for the fear of slipping or twisting their ankles or hurting their hands as the firm yet comfortable grip enables one to hold their yoga poses for as long as they'd like, which makes them feel extremely confident about their progress as well.

The credit to its excellent features goes to the superior quality materials that are used for making the hot yoga towel. The microfiber materials that make up this yoga mat towel are of extremely high quality and it is this microfiber that helps give the yoga towel its firm grip and skid – less surface. The stitching work toward the edges keeps it in excellent condition for a much longer period of time. It is a great way to ensure that the yoga mat stays hygienic by creating a barrier with this yoga towel, which helps absorb moisture effectively.

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The yoga mat towel by Jaci Global also comes with 100% money back guarantee and can be purchased from Amazon.com

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Jaci Global is a provider of quality skidless yoga towel and fitness accessories. Committed to the highest standard of customer service, the company upholds its value promise through high-quality materials, safe products, and a hygienic design while assuring maximum usability with minimal risk.

The yoga mat towel by Jaci Global also comes with 100% money back guarantee and can be purchased from Amazon.com

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