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Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- The fifteen top notch Canadian Life Insurance companies has this one man as their broker, Jack Bendahan, a senior Toronto Life Insurance broker and Life Insurance Canada expert who has now released his own updated website, for all the people across the Canadian territory, so as to serve them the best in their life insurance issues. The website has a whole bunch of useful and helpful information on various life insurance programs available in Canada, particularly Toronto Life Insurance and also offers Life Insurance Quotes.

Jack has been serving the people on their insurance issues across the country for seven years now and has been in the finance industry for over fifteen years in the sectors of debt management and personal finance. Despite a renowned Toronto Life Insurance broker, he is also a well-known entrepreneur and a specialized educator in customizing his clients’ life insurance policies apart from their health and fitness levels, income level and financial conditions. He is widely referred to as a Life man of Life Insurance Canada because of his exceptional versatility and wealthy experience. He also provides a free life insurance education through his YouTube channel, on various products such as whole life insurance, term life insurance and universal life insurance. Moreover, he is an expert in providing people with life insurance quote Toronto and term life insurance quotes from all the Life Insurance Canadian companies. Jack is also highly qualified in assisting his clients towards the Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.

His website has a number of informative and content rich articles on Life Insurance Toronto that aims to guide and assist the individuals in selecting appropriate life insurance plans for themselves. He also highlights the Critical Illness Insurance Toronto in his articles to serve those of his clients who have been diagnosed with a covered illness. This type of insurance can cover up to twenty serious illnesses, ranging from cancer to blindness and from strokes to multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS, plus many more. In addition, he also gives out effective health and personal growth tips and a number of other social advices.

A number of Jack’s clients have shared their experiences with him, at his website. Mary and her husband Phil F. write,

“Although we both had life insurance with our employers, my husband and I always wanted to make sure we had extra life insurance especially with young children and a mortgage. Once the children grew up, graduated and got married we realized we did not need as extensive coverage. Our former Insurance Company was not able to provide us with suitable and more practical options except for raising our premiums because of our ages and never answering our telephone calls. We looked around for alternate Insurers and found Jack Bendahan “The Life Man”. We found him to be a very personable and professional young man who met with us in our own home to discuss the various options available. It is comforting to know that our life insurance needs have been addressed based on our changing circumstances and that Jack is always readily available should we have any questions.”

The clients can also request a Life Insurance Quotes Toronto and Term Life Insurance quotes through the website, by simply filling out a quick form and their insurance quote will follow them shortly. He warmly welcomes all the inquiries and suggestions of his clients and aims to make their lives better and easy.

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About Jack Bendahan
Jack Bendahan is a senior Toronto Life Insurance broker and Life Insurance Canada expert who has been serving clients all across Toronto and the GTA for nearly 7 years. He has been working in the finance industry for over 15 years in the sectors of debt management, and personal finance and has been a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization

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