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Jack Media Introduces Fashion Syndication Widgets for Cheap Online Clothing Retailers


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- A new way to advertise and shop: Jack Media , emerging leaders in interactive publishing, advertising, and the daily-deal sector, introduces Fashion Syndication widgets and banners, the newest addition to its performance-based marketing. The ‘widgets’ are powered by All The Sales , a subsidiary of Jack Media and leading daily-deal website, and will syndicate top recent offers, surveys, freebies, competitions and coupons from the fashion, e-retailer network within Australia.

The new All The Sales widgets combine Web syndication technology, a form of syndication in which website material is made available to multiple other sites, with designer fashion. “Consumers will never miss a sale while advertisers and publishers enjoy increased revenues. It’s a win-win situation, times three,” says Jack Kitchener, Jack Media CEO. The three being advertisers such as online fashion retailers, publishers such as fashion websites or fashion bloggers and, ultimately, consumers and fashion enthusiasts.

According to Kitchener, the new Fashion Syndication technology creates a platform that will:

1. Enable daily-deal and other group-buying sites to be more competitive
2. Create new revenue streams for online publishers; and
3. Promote greater control for merchants looking to reap benefits but minimize group-buying risks

As a relatively cheap and easy form of advertisement, publishers have the ability to add a screenshot of the offers’ landing page and add various sizes of banners that can be displayed on the available responsive widgets using a simple, API key. Retailers only pay when an actual, real sale or signup is driven to their sites.

Started by a group of shoppers who love a great deal but were frustrated about missing sales and how long it took to find a “good one,” All The Sales scans websites of favourite Australian retailers in search of the next big deal. To learn more about the new Fashion Syndication widgets and banners, or cheap online clothes shopping Australia , visit the following link:

About Jack Media
Jack Media are emerging leaders in interactive publishing, advertising, and the daily-deal sector. Their fashion widgets, powered by All The Sales, provide easy, deal-shopping tools to consumers and a no-risk, performance-based approach for advertisers and publishers within the Australian, eCommerce and online marketing industry.

Media Contact:
James Kitchener
Jack Media
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