Joe Bragg Helps Florida Residents Save Thousands of Dollars on Mold Removal


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2013 -- Mold is a common problem in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the rest of the state. The humid climate and high heat create perfect conditions for mold to grow. And when mold enters a home, it doesn’t leave easily.

Mold Inspection & Testing has been getting a lot of attention for helping Jacksonville residents with their mold problems. Mold Inspection & Testing (MI&T) is a Jacksonville company dedicating to alleviating the mold problems experienced by city homes and businesses. But instead of actually removing mold, MI&T provides independent mold inspections and tests.

After inspections and tests confirm that mold has entered the home, Jacksonville residents can work with whichever mold removal company they choose. A spokesperson for the site explains why there is a need for this two-step process:

“When homeowners suspect they have a mold problem, many immediately call a mold removal company. However, smart homeowners are starting to call independent mold inspection companies prior to ordering mold removal services. A mold inspection company does not make any more money by finding mold within the home, which means it’s in their best interests to create an honest report. Meanwhile, mold removal companies may exaggerate the extent of a mold problem in order to generate more work for themselves.”

In other words, mold inspections can help homeowners save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on mold removal services. Independent Jacksonville mold testing keeps mold removal companies honest and ensures that homeowners always receive the best possible deal. is the online home of MI&T. At that website, visitors can learn about the specific prices offered on mold testing in Jacksonville services. The website also explains the testing process in detail along with the steps homeowners are expected to take after receiving their inspection report.

As the company’s spokesperson explains, the report is one of the most important parts of the testing process:

“After our team of mold inspection specialists visits the home, they collect air quality samples and send those samples to a lab for verification. The results of this sample are included in a report along with the specific steps homeowners should take in order to remove mold from the home. This report is delivered to homeowners, after which they can choose to hire whichever mold removal company they wish.”

At, visitors will find a telephone number they can call in order to schedule a mold inspection. The website also features pricing information and full details about the reporting process.

About is the online home of Mold Inspection and Testing (MI&T). MI&T conducts independent mold inspections that can help homeowners save thousands off the cost of mold removal services. For more information, please visit: