Jacob Cashel Looks to Raise $5,000 via Indiegogo to Start the Production of DEEDCARD


Danbury, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- The purpose of the DeedCard is to inspire the good change that awaits each human being. Every day, people stand waiting for the news to present one good tale at the end of the dozens of heart wrenching accounts of reality...crime, poverty, greed. Then, a story which restores their faith in mankind: a man stopping the bus for an elderly person hoping to catch it, a woman paying for a coffee for the gentleman in line behind her who is counting change in his pocket, or a colleague holding the door on a rainy day who passes along their old umbrella. These stories are the ones that are remembered if they are repeated.

Many times, people are well-intentioned to repeat the process of sharing good deeds, but they also may forget, put it off, or think they need to map a more elaborate plan than the one that found them receiving the deed in the first place. Having DEEDCARD in their wallet is a reminder to the cardholder that the favor remains unfulfilled to family, friends, neighbors or a stranger whom is having a tough time. DEEDCARD can be passed along with minimal interaction, whether for the receiver of a toy store account paid in full by someone who wishes to remain anonymous or on the windshield of a vehicle accompanied by a kind note. DEEDCARD is also an excellent gift idea, as this gift continues to give each recipient its passed to. The beauty of the movement lies in the individuality and the creativity for how the deed was paid forward and the product itself is a way to keep one’s random act of kindness remembered forever.

DEEDCARD is a product that continues to spread to work long after its first given to someone, as each card can be reused frequently thanks to the quality of the design which makes it durable in the long term. If each card of the 20 included per order is passed along once per week, those 20 initial deeds could multiply into over 1,000 other good deeds throughout the course of one year. If they hit their crowdfunding goal that would equate to 5,000 DEEDCARDS being mailed out across the world to spread good. If these cards end up being reused once a week throughout the course of one year, that's over 250,000 good deeds! Everyone is encouraged to show their support by packing this crowdfunding project and help spread good across the world.

The funding budget for this campaign is $5,000. Please visit our official website at

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