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Jacob Dimartino Bloggers Making Money Continues Boundless Growth for Investors


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2012 -- Bloggers from around the world continue to follow the lead of talented internet marketers like Jacob Dimartino. Dimartino is currently a Phoenix, Arizona-based Internet marketer for Choice One Solutions & Bloggers Making Money who has an unparalleled history of impressive success turning everyday people into profitable Internet marketers with his consulting.

For more than a decade, bloggers making money and “Jacob Dimartino” has sat astride the World Wide Web extracting an exact science of how to become profitable sitting in front of the computer in the comfort of your own home, due to his keen insight and unerring adherence to a blogging process that appears to be nearly infallible. Since his early successes with the newest and most exciting opportunities for web log writers alike, over 4,000 writers have converted from the treacherous 9-5 to the enjoyable life of an Internet marketer.

Luck is a non-existent attribution to success in the marketing world, and Dimartino’s steady rise is no exception. At the heart of the Jacob Dimartino Blogger approach is a vast knowledge of technology, unwavering integrity and fearlessness based on unique insight. He brings these attributes to bear in his daily ritual of evaluating which are the fastest-growing 30 affiliate products for promotion regardless of market conditions, and adjusting his strategy accordingly.

Rather than going after the most spammed products Jacob teaches his disciples about how to find the most efficient product to promote. Most of his successes have been with picks that have an underlying product beneath the promotional website that you would be driving traffic to. However, Dimartino sees a lot of growth and opportunity for marketers in the lead generation market as showcased by his Choice One Solutions blog.

About Jacob Dimartino
Currently, Dimartino runs: Bloggers Making Money, Choice One Solutions, & business referral solutions. His goal is to teach others how to find the most efficient products to promote. The Internet Marketing specialist evaluates the fastest growing 30 affiliate products for promotion as part of his daily blogging routine.