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JAG: An Electrifying New Environmental Movement… with TEETH

There is an exciting and fierce new force emerging from the Argentine Patagonia, and they aren’t messing around. ‘Jaguar Ambassadors Gang’ is dedicated to the concept of ‘Earth Rescue’ and to raising awareness of the dangers of excess consumption and its attendant pollution, which threatens Mother Earth and the extinction of many species.


Patagonia, Argentina -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- They have a simple warning for you: they’re coming, and they won’t stop until they have done all in their power to help the dire challenges upon Earth.

Founded by ex-conservation vets from the seventies frustrated with endless, toothless, ineffectiveness, Jaguar Ambassadors Gang – or just JAG for short – is already a force to be reckoned with among environmentalists, and they aren’t stopping there. Their main campaign, ‘Ego Revolution’ promises to decimate excess consumption while at the same time creating a community of eco-conscious, aware people across all national boundaries.

While they effect the change they seek, JAG realizes that it won’t be easy to convince consumers to simplify. But in their own words, the “terrorism” imposed by human pollutions on Earth’s precious and precarious systems has many of them teetering on the brink of creeping annihilation.

Oh, and they’re going after Hollywood, too.

“On our website, we’ve issued a challenge to Hollywood, and to all the world’s film industries, to enter a competition to produce a movie of ‘Jaguar Girl – a Love Story with Mother Earth’,” says Ashley Carrithers, author and JAG founder. “It would be the world’s first truly environmental film, and I believe it’s the best way to raise awareness of the destruction that excess consumption is causing. Anyone who breathes air, drinks water or loves animals will be affected by it, and be motivated to participate in Earth Rescue efforts.

‘Jaguar Girl’ Synopsis:

In 1997 Ashley imagined his beautiful daughter into a work of (mostly) fiction called Jaguar Girl—the sweet story of a vivacious Nature gal, living on vast lands in the Argentine Patagonia. When she learns that a multinational corporation is setting up to exploit her beloved wild-lands, she travels to San Francisco to seduce the owner into experiencing Nature and then, later, his exploitation project, and thus turns his head from destruction toward preservation. It is a love story with Mother Earth—a fun and enlightening read for all ages.

JAG also offer POWER (Presiders One World Earth Rescue), a bold and intriguing concept to send candidates from every country on a four-year course in Earth Governance. The course would involve books written and distributed in every language; describing how much better the world could be with absolute de-militarization, cooperation and environmental consciousness in daily life, and at the fore of conscious Earth-centric governance.

As Carrithers points out, JAG is serious – very, very serious, as are Earth’s environmental challenges.

“Either way, this movement is happening,” he says. “Fair warning, as they say life will never be the same again.”

‘Jaguar Girl’, and Flow – commonsense cosmology for the not yet enlightened everyperson, and a life lover’s guide to creation enjoyment, also by Carrithers, are available now: www.warpplace.com.

For more information about the movement, please visit: http://jaguarambassadorsgang.org/

About the Author: Ashley Carrithers
Founder and chief executive officer of WARP Place, has led a somewhat astounding life filled with adventure, experience, happiness and love. In fact he created the WARP Place Writing Contest after reflecting that he was living the Best Life Ever Lived, and wondered what the competition might look like. Among other things, he has written 5 books (available in Bookstore), and founded an environmental foundation and press. He lives in the Argentine Patagonia, and allows that this site was developed to both sell his writings and have some entrepreneurial fun, but principally to raise money for Earth Care – hopes you will get involved and enjoy.