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Jago SEO Launches 6 Months or Free Promise on Goal Oriented SEO Campaigns

Jago SEO has made a strong guarantee that they will fulfill their clients’ goals within six months or work for them for free until the goals have been achieved.


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Search Engine Optimization is now one of the most important strategic tools in developing a customer base, despite being a relatively new practice. Optimization allows websites to be found by new customers looking for specific services, generating leads and converting those leads into sales. The problem for most companies is that SEO agencies tend not to work fast enough, needing months or even years to get their business to the top of Google in their field. Jago SEO Indonesia is different, and has committed to a 6 month guarantee to achieve client targets, or work for them for free until they are achieved.

The commitment is possible because the company has a broad-spectrum approach to SEO Indonesia, developing a company’s web presence in a manner that drives towards an exponential effect, through using multiple strategies simultaneously. Through backlinking, social media, site architecture and sitemap optimization, they increase not only the search engine profile of the company but the human profile too.

This approach is contrary to most SEO’s who focus on one small aspect of SEO instead of using the bespoke practices of Jago SEO that pairs both site structure, off site SEO and the increasingly important social media branding.

A spokesperson for Jago SEO explained, “We want people throughout Australasia to realize our complete commitment to their success, and there is no better way to demonstrate that commitment than an earnest promise to give away our services for free on their behalf should we fall short of their expectations. It drives us to excel, and we are happy to report that while we have made this guarantee, we have not yet had to use it. As such, clients can come to us with confidence, and expect great results from our techniques. Unlike most SEO’s we don’t take shortcuts that damage a sites visibility in the medium term, we take the harder travelled road but the one that produces outstanding long term results.”

About Jago SEO
Jago SEO is a search engine optimization consultancy with a difference, offering no nonsense collaboration, on time reporting, clear planning and performance feedback, technical support and a customer satisfaction guarantee. The company is equally at home with backlinking services, PPC management or social media, giving companies a complete solution for a rolling monthly fee. For more information please visit: http://www.jagoseo.com/