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Jailbreak Atv 4 Reveals New AllCast App Available on Apple TV and Roku publishes an interesting article that reveals great news for users of Apple TV, but also of Roku, Xbox and Samsung Smart TV. AllCast is a new functional app that is now available for all these users to access in Beta version.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- The first version of AllCast was actually released a few months ago, Jailbreak Atv 4 indicated. The website writes that this new app is so popular now as it allows users to stream local video and audio content directly to Chromecast, from the device’s gallery, but also from Dropbox and Google Drive.

This means that users will enjoy a simpler, as well as a more functional process. Even though the app was blocked more than one time, it managed to survive after all. To read the full review visit:

And it seems that the one to thank for that is its developer, Koushik Dutta, who worked to continue improving his app since the moment of its first release, thing he definitely managed to achieve. informs in its article that AllCast is currently available for download on Google Play Store. The release actually came now as its older beta version will expire soon.

AllCast app can work on all type of devices, so users may download it no matter if they use Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or Samsung Smart TV. And not only that anyone can access the app, but it is really simple to operate, as well. Any user can easily install this app on his device to access its features.

Still, warns its readers that there might be a disadvantage to this application. The website informs that this app does not support videos from streaming services, at least not yet. Besides that, it is considered to be extremely functional and really great to use. Moreover, anyone can try it.

According to Jailbreak Atv 4, the AllCast app is currently available to anyone who joins ClockworkMod Beta Testers community on Google +.

After that, the new app is easily downloadable from Google Play Store. Of course, users can check it out to discover how functional it really is. AllCast already is really popular and probably its popularity will continue to grow.

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