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Jailbreak for iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad 2 iOS 6.1 Untethered Version Report Revealed via Jailbreak iPad iOS Developers Website

According to Ironclad Integrity Ltd iOS 6 has become the most challenging task at hand for the community of jailbreak developers, as users get more and more anxious waiting for the software release. is the latest to announce working on their first in-house jailbreak development project.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- For the past few months there has been little progress announced by jailbreak developers in finding the right code for iPad 2 or iPad 3 and iPad 4 untethered jailbreak, running latest firmware release, iOS 6.1.

A recent release available at reveals that as months go by and reports of new jailbreak releases are announced, iPad and iPhone users are getting more and more restless waiting for the public jailbreak software compatible with iPad 2/3/4 running iOS 6.

Users’ appeal for a iPad jailbreak tool for iOS 6.X on A5 devices has become the objective of fake online websites. The release of a jailbreak iPad solution that works will stop people that want to profit from users’ anxiety. is the latest to announce the beginning of an in-house jailbreak development project. It is the first attempt for the website creators to work under this name and in this formula to deliver a successful jailbreak tool for iPad, iPhone running iOS 6.

Website founders and the team of experts collaborating for the project are longtime jailbreak developers, iOS app designers and reputable hackers. They have decided to keep their identity under the key while developing the team’s first iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tool.

The website announces it will deliver constant news on the progress of the jailbreak project and inform users and the developers’ community of new exploits found in iOS 6 via social networks and the dedicated news category on their platform. While the developers’ team works on delivering a jailbreak tool for iOS 6, the website will publish news on Apple products, iPad reviews, best apps, entertainment options and provide solutions and answers to users’ bug reports.

Apple has released iOS 6 a few months ago, and whereas older generation devices can run jailbreak tools, A5 devices continue to puzzle developers. The number of exploits developers can access has been limited by Apple’s improved security within its system. The bootrom was the original place where developers would look for vulnerabilities, but the newest devices and iOS 6 don’t grant them sufficient time to find exploits.

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