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Jakeman Law Offers Increased Exposure for Immigration Attorneys

Jakeman Law now allows guest posting to help with visibility and SEO.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Finding a competent, experienced and reputable immigration attorney became much easier when the online immigration resource, Jakeman Law, started to develop their comprehensive immigration attorney directory. Growth of the directory has been swift and steady. Immigration law firms all over the United States have taken notice and entered their information to be listed. Immigrants can be more confident that, as they face the seemingly endless challenges related to obtaining legal residency or citizenship, they will have the resources to be able to quickly find the legal help they need.

Immigration attorneys listed in the Jakeman Law directory are also finding that the listing is helping to increase their exposure, both online and locally, and has helped to channel more clients into their firms. Listings in the directory are also viewed very positively by the search engines, and those firms with profiles are finding that their website’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is also rising. There are definitely positive benefits for both law firms and the immigrants in need of legal assistance.

Attorneys wishing to have their listing added to the Jakeman Law directory can do so simply by developing a profile and creating an author box with their information jakemanlaw.com/directory. Once a profile and an author box have been created, guest posting is allowed. Each guest post that contains an author box that links to a firm profile will be an additional link to the firm’s website, one that is natural and relevant, and viewed positively by the search engines. It will also provide those searching the directory with more information about the firm and their specific expertise.

Those attorneys listed in the directory will find that more clients become interested in learning more about their services as a result of using this online resource. With useful profile information, as well as plenty of reviews, immigrants will be better able to choose a law firm that they feel they can trust to help them navigate the lengthy and complex legal system and the processes that are involved with any immigration issues. Because the laws are constantly changing and adjusting, immigrants need to know that they are working with a firm that not only understands their needs, but one that can surely handle the complicated steps that are involved with the legal procedures.

The resource directory provided by Jakeman Law contains plenty of information and reviews that can help immigrants choose the firm that will best meet their unique needs. Officials at Jakeman Law are committed to helping immigrants find the legal representation that can help them. “Our immigration lawyers have years of combined experience in immigration. By providing our clients with focused expertise, we offer better informed and more skilled representation.”

As a result of the directory being categorized by geographical region, law firms will find that their local search engine optimization efforts are enhanced by their listing. Profiles that clearly indicate certain specialties will also find plenty of SEO benefits as a result of the keywords listed in their profiles.

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Jakeman Law is an immigration attorney directory and information resource. They connect immigrants with the best immigration attorneys and immigration law firms in their area, while also providing valuable information on immigration law and policy in the United States. To find out about more about the immigration directory resource or to get information about immigration issues, contact Jakeman Law at http://jakemanlaw.com/directory or 855-JAKEMAN (855-525-3626).