Jamberry Nails Launches the New Spring Summer Catalog

New Spring Summer Catalog has been launched by Jamberry Nails with many special offers available.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Jamberry Nails has become the leading retail outlet for lustful, sexy, and attention grabbing nails. The online nail experts who sell a whole range of Metallic Nails at affordable prices has now released their New Spring Summer Catalog.

The leading nail wraps retail outlet (, which was started by three sisters, Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri, has become a huge favorite with women and celebrities wanting to look and feel great. With their fashionable nail designs and affordable prices, nail bars are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Women who want to look great for a night out no longer have to wait for an appointment at a beauty salon or a nail bar to have their nails done. With the Jamberry Do It Yourself nails, women can look great within minutes while at the same time saving a great deal of money.

Jamberry Nails has been featured in glossy magazines as well as seen on television. With their stylish designs and popularity, they have become one of the most featured nail companies in the world.

Nail Wraps offer an instant nail art design, where anyone can transform their nails or friend's nails within five minutes. With the wide range of designs on the Jamberry website and all the affordable prices, having great looking nails is something everyone can achieve.

The Jamberry website not only offers the best in quality nail wraps, they also offer advice for people who want to have great looking nails. This advice includes online videos as well as information, making it simplified to have nails looking like they have just come off the catwalk.

With wrap nails priced from $15, with a fast delivery service, Jamberry Nails has become the consumer's choice the great looking nails. With their new catalog, showcasing all their latest designs, it is now a great time for women to visit the site and see the entire latest nail wrap styles.

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About Jamberry
Three sisters who cared what their nails looked like started Jamberry. Since the launch of their business, they have become a leading nail wrap store, providing nails to women all over the world.