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James Bradshaw Reveals 5 Amazing Solutions to Stop Snoring at Night


Newark, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Snorers and those who are affected by snoring all desire the same thing: to stop snoring. Today, several firms have listed on their websites, solutions that can be used by snorers to stop snoring during the night. The list of these solutions is basically endless, and they range from anti-snoring aids to natural snoring remedies. A few snorers may even decide to choose other more extreme measures, for instance, snoring surgery. Everyone seems to be on the hunt for the best anti-snoring devices. When the natural remedies have proved futile, there are several devices that the snorers can try. Below are a few of the numerous anti-snoring devices found on the market today:

1. Snoring Chin Straps

These straps are intended to hold the individual's mouth closed as they sleep so as to encourage breathing through the nose. The straps are generally used as snoring devices with nasal CPAP so as to reduce mouth venting. Opening the mouth or what is commonly referred to as mouth venting while using CPAP devices considerably reduces the efficiency of the therapy.

2. Snore Sprays

The concept behind snore sprays is that by applying the solution, it will significantly reduce the nostrils' lining in a manner that encourages more room for breathing and thus stops snoring. This device normally has a mixture of glycerine, alcohol, and water.

3. Anti-snoring pillows

These pillows are designed to assist in keeping the throat airways open by backing up the neck in a certain position to minimize constriction and create ideal breathing alignment. The advantage of this snoring aid is that it is non-invasive.

4. Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Retainers or anti-snoring mouthpieces can relieve snoring by keeping an individual's lower jaw in a forward position as they sleep. This device also helps in keeping the airway open while one is asleep, which can significantly reduce the sound of snoring. The downside of using these devices is that they can result in alteration of tooth alignment and lead to excessive starvation. These disadvantages limit their use and the individual using them will have to visit the dentist regularly for a check-up.

5. Nasal Strips

When it comes to over-the-counter anti-snoring devices, nasal strips are among the most commonly used. The nasal strips that are used for stopping snoring attempt to relieve snoring by concentrating on nasal congestion. These devices can open up the individual's nostrils and allow normal breathing. This provides some snoring relief. Nonetheless, a majority of snoring comes from the throat and thus these nasal strips only solve a small part of the issue.


If the above anti-snoring aids fail to work, the snorer will be forced to pursue other radical and more expensive alternatives. Nonetheless, it is recommended that before making any rash decisions one should seek advice from a certified physician, who will most of the time, provide the best alternative.

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