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James "Gotti" Floyd Launches Writrz Block on Apple Store

App based on the popular show set to gain huge popularity in a short span


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2020 -- James "Gotti" Floyd, often referred to as Bill Gates of Hip Hop, has launched Writrz Block app, which is bound to gain tremendous popularity.

James "Gotti" Floyd from the group The Floyds on Queen Latifah's label Flavor Unit has transitioned from being a phenomenal rap artist to Business Guru with the app, which is being publicized by The Misty TV Firm Corporation, known to back its artists to the hilt.

The idea of the app comes from his popular show on YouTube by the same name. The show challenges music artists to write and record hit songs in three hours after hearing the track in the studio. It takes viewers through the engaging process and into the minds of artists.

Musical artists get interrupted, struggle with the process through the show before making music. Viewers on the other hand get insights into the creative process and realize the challenges that artists grapple with. When successful, artists can challenge other fellow artists to the task as well.

Now the same excitement and thrills can be experienced by anyone who downloads the Writrz Block app. Artists and enthusiasts can challenge each other, producers, DJs, and more through the app. But what takes things a step further is that artists can actually make money using the app.

In fact, artists have already been making hundreds of dollars simply by having their songs voted for or against. And that makes it a fun, engaging as well as lucrative platform.

About Writrz Block
The app based on the show by the same name allows artists to challenge themselves while recording songs, and make money in the process too.

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