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James Intrater Has Started an Indiegogo Campaign for the New Hair-Growth Lotion


Hackensack, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- There are many products currently on the market that claim to reverse hair loss and grow new hair. James Intrater of Hackensack, N.J., believes he has developed a new product that works and has no side effects. It does not contain minoxidil, a proven hair-growing chemical that has been known to cause allergic reactions, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, rapid heartbeat and weight gain.

Working with a team that includes a molecular biologist with 40 years of research experience, Intrater has created IntraMont Hair Loss Prevention Lotion, which has shown positive results in limited testing.

“We have seen definite signs of being able to regrow hair lost within the previous two years and regrowth of hair lost up to seven years,” he said. “We think our product may work beyond the seven-year threshold but we need detailed clinical trials to verify this.”

Intrater, a materials and process engineer with more than three decades of experience in commercial product development and general R&D, firmly believes that this new lotion can become the top-selling product of its kind. “It is far safer than the ones that contain minoxidil,” he said.

Intrater’s financial plan calls for $27,500 in start-up capital to engage the investment banking community. The goal is to generate $4 million in investments for patents, clinical trials and legal fees. “In order to successfully market this product, we need to run a proper clinical trial to provide supporting data that allows us to proceed to the consumer health marketplace,” he said.

As a means to generate the initial $27,500, Intrater has launched an Indeigogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Those who contribute $250 will receive one month’s supply of IntraMont Hair Loss Prevention Lotion plus access to an instructional webinar. For $1,000, backers will get a six-month supply of the new product and the webinar plus a personalized phone consult.

“We believe this product will revolutionize the hair-growth industry,” Intrater said. “It’s safe, effective and only has to be applied every two or three days. But we need some financial support from the community to get things started.”

For additional information, visit or contact Intrater directly at

About James Intrater
James Intrater is from Hackensack, N.J. He is a materials and process engineer with (30) years of experience in commercial product development and general R&D. He has developed a new hair-growing product.

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