James Jarvis Releases New Book on Contemporary Art

Artist, and now author, James Jarvis has released his new book RealismPop: A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution that explores the next visual trend in the art industry.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- The Internet revolution, over the past twenty years, has helped shaped the cognitive thinking and visual language of our modern times. To James' frustration, there has yet to be a movement with in contemporary painting that explores the importance of a new 'pixelized aesthetic' a term that the author has coined.

James had this to say when describing the landscape of our Internet based lives: "The concept of pixels as the visual format we widely use to day as the primary medium to access mass entertainment is the basis of my RealismPop art. I work on the theory of pixelisation on a micro and macro level throughout my paintings".

RealismPop is the not only the first book to explore this next trend in contemporary art but it also deals with issues within the art industry head on; such as the case of art brands over galleries. There have been studies that suggest that artists have relatively little life spans in terms of success with many artists struggling for recognition in the same platforms as they may have done ten years ago. The only artists to emerge with long lasting appeal are the ones that recognize self-promotion to the status of an "art brand": artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The commercial gallery system is not so suited to the long-term success of their art collector clients as they claim to be.

James Jarvis's new book is an honest review into the status of the contemporary art industry while claiming a stake in a new artistic trend that can refresh the field of contemporary painting.

About RealismPop™
RealismPop™, founded by James Jarvis in 2012, is an ideology that actively looks at the visual aesthetics that dominates our digital age and translates it to new compositions that innovates representational art. James Jarvis is currently working on a new gay propaganda collection titled Gaysian Invasion.

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