Joe Bragg Looks to Become the Number One Resource for Chuck E Cheese Coupons


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Chuck E Cheese is an American institution, the place where “a kid can be a kid”, with games, amusements and gratifying food. For many, it was a place where many formative experiences such as forming friendships and discovering talents first happened. However, in difficult economic times it’s ever more tempting for parents to shy away from taking their children to the entertainment centre, as family budgets get tighter. Janet Buck is looking to redress that balance by providing coupons that will help parents make big savings on their trips.

Janet Buck regularly updates her blog with Chuck E Cheese coupons and discount codes that she researches across the internet and other sources to guarantee their validity. The variety of coupons she has managed to amass is astonishing, and of great benefit to families whose budgets are stretched.

The coupons include “Save Green By Eating Green”, a coupon that allows adults to get the All You Can Eat salad bar, a single topping pizza, four drinks and 100 tokens for $40, with another coupon adding another salad bar meal for $5. Another coupon gets you extra pizza and extra coupons that are guaranteed to excite and delight the kids, who will show up to get more than they bargained for.

Janet even shares tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of the coupons, explaining there is no limit on coupon usage for extra tokens, which can slash the price of a trip by up to a third, especially when taking large groups, classes or after-school clubs.

Janet had this to say of her site, “I understand that pockets have gotten shallower across America and that young families are amongst some of the hardest hit. But children shouldn’t have to suffer or lose out because of what’s going on in Wall Street, and these coupons can go a long way to making up the difference for a lot of people. Saving parents that little bit of money will guarantee kids the same fun and joyful experiences of Chuck E Cheese they might otherwise have had to miss out on.”

About Janet Buck
Janet Buck created her site to provide families with Chuck E Cheese coupons, allowing them to make savings they might otherwise been unaware they could claim. The site is updated regularly to make sure the coupon codes are kept up to date and special offers are posted as soon as possible. For more information please visit: