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Japan Car Auction Buyer Integrity Exports "Truly Lives Up to Their Name"


Osaka, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Integrity Exports is the only Japanese car auction buying company to have reviews of its services verified by an independent company (Proven Credible). The overwhelming impression from these third-party certified genuine reviews is that Integrity Exports really does live up to its name.

Car auctions in Japan can be a great place for car dealers around the world to get good condition, low-mileage vehicles. The problem these car importers always have , is finding the right company to deal with in Japan. It is an unfortunate fact that fraud is not uncommon when buying Japan used cars, so it was with this in mind that Integrity Exports was launched with a very specific emphasis on trustworthiness right there in its business name.

Integrity Exports does not expect potential customers to simply take its promises at face-value, which is why it has contracted with to have all customer reviews verified genuine. Each review is checked independently by Proven Credible to ensure that the person submitting the review really is a customer who really has purchased from a Japan car auction using Integrity Exports' services.

Scanning these reviews quickly reveals a common pattern as Integrity Exports' customers laud its honesty and trustworthiness with phrases like, “very reliable and honest”, “a very honest business”, “this company is trustworthy”, and “Integrity Exports truly lives up to their name.”

Stephen Munday of Integrity Exports stated, “If you're looking to buy used vehicles from a car auction in Japan then you really want to be sure that your supplier in Japan can be trusted, so we were so pleased to find that our customers' experience reflected our company philosophy.”

Around 4 to 5 million used vehicles go through Japan car auction houses every year providing an unparalleled selection for used car dealers around the world to buy from. Integrity Exports brings together all 120 of these auctions in its easy-to-use online system. Customers get full support from a dedicated account manager, translation services and a unique double guarantee giving unique price protection that is not available with any other Japanese car auction buying companies. For further details and to sign up for 14 days of access to the online auction system, please visit

About Integrity Exports
Integrity Exports is the leading Japanese car auction sourcing company in Japan. Based in Osaka, Integrity Exports helps customers source cars from 120 car auctions around Japan and then arranges all the export formalities and shipping for customers in all major continents worldwide.

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