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'Japan Is Unsafe,' Notes New Article by Dosimeter Shop About the Fukushima Reactor Accident


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Dosimeter Shop, the world’s top retailer of dosimeters, including Geiger counters and radiation detectors, has just posted a new article to its website that offers grim details about the Fukushima reactor accident in Japan. In addition to concluding that “Japan is unsafe,” the article offers readers sound advice on how to protect themselves from nuclear radiation in Japan.

Specifically, the article discusses a recent video interview conducted by Professor Michio Kaku, a Japanese-American physicist who offers a well thought out and unique perspective on the Fukushima reactor accident, as well as its relation to nuclear energy issues in both Japan and the United States.

The founders of Dosimeter Shop were inspired to post the new article to warn travelers—especially those who are going to Japan in the near future or for the upcoming Sakura season—to take matters into their own hands and safeguard themselves and their families.

As the article noted, Kaku has conducted statistical analysis that measures the degree of threat that the reactor accident poses to both Fukushima and the surrounding areas. Kaku concluded that the reactor meltdown is a Level 7 threat, which he noted is worse than the 1986 reactor meltdown in Chernobyl.

The newly-posted article also notes that Kaku strongly believes that conditions in Japan are not as stable as Tokyo Electric would want people to believe.

“Ever since the reactor meltdown Tokyo Electric has been denying the degree of severity,” the new article notes, adding that in reality, 500 trillion becquerels of radiation have already been released by the reactor meltdown.

“Though the reactors are technically ‘stable,’ radiation is still leaking from the reactors. Kaku posits that all it would take is an earthquake or other comparable natural disaster to restart the reactor meltdown. If such an aggravation occurred there could be meltdowns at three different reactors in Japan.”

Near the end of the article, Kaku concluded that Tokyo Electric should be removed from managing the nuclear reactor, and that the Japanese military take charge of the situation.

By bringing along a radiation detector or Geiger counter to Japan, the founders of Dosimeter Shop note, travelers can accurately detect the levels of radiation and decide for themselves if it is safe to be there.

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