Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting Now Available for the First Time in Hong Kong


Victoria, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- MARI Yoga has successfully moved its therapy and yoga studio from Luxembourg to Hong Kong to make the Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting available in Hong Kong for the very first time. Located in the heart of Soho Central, the new studio is just a few steps from the escalator and will be open for business on September 1st, 2014.

Mariko Hiyama, owner of MARI Yoga, says Japanese Cosmo Facial is a little like Yoga for the face. The treatment is a combination of different methods of Facial Reflexology that affects the body and the face from inside the body. The technique is a construction of methods from Oriental medicine that uses reflex points on the face related to the meridians to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Japanese Cosmo Facial is a very relaxing treatment that can help release stress related tension from the muscles of the body & face. Many find Japanese Cosmo beneficial for deep relaxation, helping to cope with stress, fatigue, and constant health issues as well as providing visible rejuvenation on the face from the very first treatment. It is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

The core treatment lasts for 45 minutes and costs HKD 1200. It includes (a) face cleansing, (b) two different types of massage techniques to release muscular tension and to enhance lymph circulation, (c) an 11-step massage to activate face muscles, and (d) face exercise with natural mineral balls. Results are visible already after one treatment however for best natural lifting 10-12 sessions are recommended.

Mariko believes that the well-being of body and mind is a key element of career and professional success. Whether looking for a journey of self-discovery, well-being for the body or just a way to relax and feel better, it is easy to make a selection from the many programs and options offered by MARI Yoga.

A MARI Yoga customer from the Luxembourg studio reported, “It was my first experience practicing yoga in many years. Before the lesson I thought yoga was definitely not for me because of several positions I was not able to do. Mariko delivered a customized, achievable, complete practice lasting one hour. She chose a mix of basic and intermediate postures keeping the practice just ‘challenging enough’. Clients who visit the new location in Hong Kong will soon be talking about their experiences at MARI Yoga.

About MARI Yoga
MARI Yoga is a yoga and Japanese Cosmo facial therapist studio in Hong Kong. Mariko Hiyama has earned a Diploma in Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting at Instituto Lone Sorensen®, is a Certified Japanese Cosmo Facial trainer in Hong Kong and Europe as well as a Yoga Alliance® Yoga instructor. Mariko earned knowledge and experiences in Power Yoga &Budokon® Yoga, Restorative/Healing Yoga sequences and Meditation.

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