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Jared Londry Announces Launch of New Publication on Guiding Principles in Commercial Real Estate


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2016 -- After successfully executing a number of multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions such as the three-building, $39.5-million property in Fort Hill, South Carolina, Jared Londry has fielded a seemingly endless number of requests for advice or consultation regarding his professional philosophies and guiding principles. In response to these consistent requests, Londry is announcing the release of a publication in which he has delineated his guiding principles for commercial real estate transactions, doing so with great detail and including thorough explanations accompanied by specific examples.

"It is my belief that every professional should carefully construct his or her own guiding principles based on the market in which they work and the clients they typically represent," said Londry. "However, I also believe that there are certain universal principles that can benefit commercial real estate brokers independent of the market or clientele, which is why I have taken the time to share my own guiding principles and professional philosophies in this new publication I've made available."

In the publication, Londry offers a set of general principles accompanied by specific examples of how he has applied each one in a recent commercial real estate transaction. Included among the transactions discussed in the publication is the aforementioned Fort Hill property as well as the $7.5-million transaction of Charlotte's well-known "Pink Building," which is officially referred to as the Arlington on South Boulevard. The Charlotte native also discusses how these principles can be altered or adapted based on the unique qualities and conditions found in other markets, making the publication particularly useful for commercial real estate brokers regardless of geographic location.

About Jared Londry
Jared Londry is one of the top producers in the Carolinas, where he often specializes in capital markets and has been principally involved in countless seven- and eight-figure real estate transactions.