Joe Bragg Aggressively Represents Personal Injury Clients in Las Vegas


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- In recent years, Las Vegas personal injury attorney has become considerably less aggressive in chasing damages for their clients. There have been many reports of injured clients receiving sub-par settlements, or ineffectual attorneys losing sure-thing cases.

One personal injury attorney Las Vegas changing all this is Jared Richards, founder of JaredRichardsLaw.Com. Jared has a vast amount of experience representing clients in the personal injury field. He is one of the most accomplished lawyers in Las Vegas, scoring in the top 1% of all applicants on the national Law School Admissions Test.

Jared graduated with honors from the law school at the prestigious Brigham Young University, and began practicing law at the large Las Vegas office of a nationwide law firm. Alongside 400 other attorneys, he gained a huge amount of experience representing personal injury clients. Over many years, Jared successfully represented over $20 million through litigation for his clients. Dissatisfied with the standard of counsel for personal injury clients, he set up Richards & Associates, LLC.

Now Richards & Associates represent personal injury clients in the Las Vegas area. They take on cases where clients have been injured in accidents, by consumer products, or by medication. Their Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are committed to giving injury victims the high-pressure legal representation they need to get a favorable result in their case.

Avoiding ineffective legal tactics, Richards & Associates are gaining a reputation among Las Vegas personal injury attorneys for assertively making personal injury claims. With these aggressive tactics, their experienced attorneys are having a great deal of success representing clients all over Las Vegas.

Their website,, contains comprehensive information about all their services. It also provides a personal history of their founder, Jared Richards. If you are interested in engaging their legal services, visitors can apply for a free case review online.

A spokesman for said: “If people have been injured in an accident, by a consumer product or by medication and someone else is responsible for their injuries, they need to talk to lawyer. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience claimants need. We practice injury law because we care about helping people and their families. Our Las Vegas and Henderson attorneys are committed to providing injury victims with aggressive representation.”

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